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Latest version: 1.1

Do you want a keyboard that lets you type smileys, hearts and other cute icons such as within SMS, email, Notes and other apps?. Use iEmoji and get the smiley/emoji keyboard on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

How To Use Emoji

Step 1: launch iEmoji on your iPhone (or iPod Touch). Make sure you have wifi/cell connection so that your device is connected to the internet. Also make sure you have iPhone OS 2.2.

Step 2: Within the iEmoji app, click on "... > Help" at the bottom of the screen. Once you can see the help information, click on "Done" button on the right top. Exit iEmoji.

Step 3: Go to "Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Japanese" and turn ON "Emoji". Now the emoji keyboard is enabled.

Step 4: To use the emoji keyboard in SMS, Mail, Notes or any other application, when you are typing on the keyboard, tap on the world/globe key (to the left of the space bar) to bring up the emoji keyboard. Enjoy using the 450+ emojis with iEmoji

Note: Once the emoji keyboard is enabled, you can safely uninstall the iEmoji app.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires is iPhone 2.2 software update. You can purchase via iTunes link or download cracked .ipa file link: