In December, Google released a lab feature called “Tasks” in Gmail, that lets you keep and manage a To-do list. Today, Google announces the release of the extinction of this feature to both iPhone and Android mobile phone. So, you can now manage your To-do list anytime and anywhere.

Simply point the mobile Safari to and logon with your Gmail account. The Google task list application will show up instantly on your iPhone.

The Google Task interface is well-designed and optimized for iPhone. Once you sign in the application, you’ll find the interface and navigation are very similar to native iPhone application. By using Google Task, you can create new to-do item, edit it or mark it as completed. The Task application also allows you to create multiple task list and adds note to individual task item. As expected, all your task items are synced back to your Gmail account instantaneously.

To learn more about Google Task on iPhone, this video will show you the details:

If you’re already using Gmail as your primary email, I highly recommend to use Google Task list as your To-do list manager. What do you think about Google Tasks for iPhone?