Copy & Paste is one of the most-wanted features on iPhone. While we are still for Apple to bundle this feature in future firmware release, developers has put a lot of efforts to bring us this feature. Among all copy & paste solutions, Clippy is definitely the best one that is simple to use and works across different iPhone applications. As always, Clippy is not for all iPhones. It’s designed for jailbreak iPhone user and you can download it for free via Cydia (under iSpazio repository).

The most notable feature of Clippy is its ability to copy & paste text between applications. You can easily copy text from Notes to Safari, SMS, Mail or Map, etc. As long as you can access the keyboard in the application, you utilize the “Copy & Paste” feature.

Install Clippy Via Cydia

Just launch Cydia > Select "Sections" > Select "System" > Select "Clippy" > Tap "Install" to install it > Tap "Confirm" to install it > Tap "Restart SpringBoard".

How To Use Clippy

Once installed, Clippy adds two new buttons — Copy & Paste in numeric keyboard. To use copy & paste, say in Notes application, you can tap and drag to highlight any text. Then tap “123″ button to switch to numeric keyboard and click “Copy”. You’ll see the text is copied and placed in the text box. To paste the text, just tap the “Paste” button.

Clippy works really well, but it’s still not perfect. As you need to bring up the keyboard before copying any text, you can’t copy text in web page of Safari or in email message directly.

While you’re probably still waiting for Apple to bring you the elegant “Copy & Paste” function, Clippy, though is still in beta, should be another must-have Cydia application on your iPhone.