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The main idea behind cadTouch is to assist any technician in the work of drawing and calculating some geometry-related engineering tasks. This first release of cadTouch is aimed at surveyors, architects, real estate agents and structural engineers. Like no other, cadTouch gives you an infinite canvas for drawing. Using multitouch gestures, a resizable grid and a new revolutionary menu system you are able to handle big drawings like in your desktop computer.


- Precise polygon drawing with multitouch support (ideal to draw measures of any kind of constructions).
- Vectorial, scaled continuous sketching with no-limits on screen size (infinite canvas, just zoom out to get more space) thanks to the double finger gestures (unique in it's kind) packed with cadTouch. Real time line width, and pattern modification. Ideal for annotations, revisioning and why not, to paint your work.
- Full screen support, very handy when you have to show your work.
- Area and perimeter calculation.
- Centroid calculation and display.
- Second moment of area about all axes calculation.
- Bending moment calculation considering the polygon as the cross-section of a beam.
- Save your drawing and then send it via email to your office (imagine the time your will save sending your survey to your office as soon as you finish measuring).
- New two-dimensional menu system, slide to go to next menu, as simple as that. You never thought your iPhone's screen had room for so much options (and many more to come).

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and requires iPhone 2.0 software update. You can purchase and download via iTunes link here or download cracked .ipa file here.


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