By the time I wrote this post, TapDefense should climb to the top of the Top-25 free download in App Store. TapDefense from TapJoy is a tower defense strategy game that your goal is to develop tower to stop enemies from crossing the map and entering the Gate of Heaven.

Recently, Apple announced the top 10 Application of 2008 including top games. To me, TapDefense is definitely the top free game of 2008. It’s incredibly addictive and fun that you can take hours on it. TapDefense is totally free and supported by Ads. It’s incredible that such great game does not cost you a single dollar. TapDefence comes with three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard), in which the path is shorten as the difficulty level goes up. No matter you’re playing at any levels of difficulties, you’ll have to master 43 levels of enemies to complete the game.

That said, the goal of TapDefense build tower to defense enemies from crossing the map. Each tower costs you a certain amount of money to buy or upgrade. At the beginning of the game, you are given a fairly little amount of money for building towers but you’ll earn money by killing enemies and from interest along each level. The game offers three types of tower when you begin. As you earn what so-called “halo”, you can build up to a total of six types of tower and a special one called EarthQuake.

TapDefense has drawn much attention as it breaks into the top-25 list of App Store. Many gamers compare it with FieldRunners, which is another Tower Defense strategy game on iPhone. Among the reviews, TapDefense is fall short of beautiful graphics. I agree it’s less polish than FieldRunners and comes along with a few bugs (e.g. Interest rate is not show correctly). However, the graphics of TapDefense is pretty good enough to let you enjoy the fun of tower defense. And, while FieldRunners costs USD$4.99, the best part of TapDefense is FREE.

TapDefense is freely available for download in App Store. You can download it via iTunes link here.

One final tips…you have to develop a good strategy to pass it. And one strategy which is definitely useful is Save Money and use the towers wisely!

Recently TapDefense comes with new version (v1.1.1) just for minor improvement. The update fixes quite a number of issues:
  • The annoying location prompt
  • The interest rate bug
  • Unfair scoring
  • its also comes with fix a bug of EarthQuake Tower


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