Why reboot your phone? The iPhone, like a regular computer, uses memory and system resources every time you launch a program. The typical iPhone user utilizes several applications at a time, often hopping back and forth between them. Install new heavy (big size file) application means increasing the uses of iPhone memory. When a program that is heavy on system resources is launched, such as Brothers In Arms (games application) , if you haven't rebooted in awhile to refresh your iPhone's memory and resources, it could cause the program to crash.

Next time, before your launching your apps for very first time after installation, make sure reboot/reset your iPhone with this method. Just simply hold the power button down for 3 seconds and slide to power down.

The tips above is similar with Quick Reset which is to gain some memory uses back. the differences for Quick Reset is called "Hard Reboot/reset".

One word of warning: Rebooting the iPhone does drain your battery somewhat, so if you're pretty low on power you may find yourself unable to use the phone until after you're recharged it.


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