Touch Hockey has been available for a while on App Store. Not sure you have installed and are playing with it already? Touch Hockey, developed by FlipSide5, lets you play Air Hockey on iPhone and iPod Touch.

High Quality Animation & Sound Support

Touch Hockey offers great animation in term of performance. It runs at 60 frames per second when playing in one player mode, two player mode as well as when playing over your WiFi network.Touch Hockey is best of the breed and outclasses others with smooth animation and Wifi Support. Most of iPhone games are developed to support single player. And even with two players support, the players are challenging on the same iPhone. What set Touch Hockey apart from other games is it supports multi-player through Wifi. Each player can play the game in challenge mode on its own iPhone.

Multi-Player Support via WiFi

To play the game in multi-player mode, all iPhones should be enabled with Wifi and connected to same local area network. You should also select Wifi mode in Settings of Touch Hockey.

Touch Hockey is free for download (but with Ads). You can click here to download it from App Store


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