Company: Brandon Bogle

Category: Entertainment

Version: 2.0

Cracked Format: .IPA

Its available in AppStore with price $0.99. This application ‘Koi Pond’, like an pond of crystal water with fish swimming through its shallow depths. You can touch the surface of your iPhone/iPod and the water ripples away and the fish disappears, but .. when you place your finger for a little longer, you can see the fish coming towards your finger. Also when you want to feed your fish, you just need to shake the iPhone/iPod .. it’s cool isn’t it?

This application has a newer version, version 2.0, These are some new features:

* Improved Water Simulation
* More pond colour options
* 3D sound (Try Koi Pond with you headphones!)
* Volume Control Slider
* Movable Lily Pads [Touch, Drag to move]
* And much more ..

You can download with iTunes link here or cracked ipa file here.


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