Byline lets you read the news from your favorite sites and blogs, even when you're offline. You could use your free Google Reader account to subscribe. It will automatically sync and bring you new content and putting thousands of RSS/Atom feeds.

- Two way syncing with Google Reader
- Browse new items, starred items, notes and folders in separate lists
- View up to 200 items from each list when you're offline, including embedded images
- Offline browsing lets you access complete web pages linked to by notes, starred items, and (optionally) new items.
- Built-in web browser for online and offline browsing
- Landscape mode
- Star and share items
- Send items by email
- Create and share notes

What's New in 2.0:
- Features a new interface and icon.
- Syncs with folders.
- Features a built-in web browser.
- Allows note creation and deletion.
- Allows you to email links.
- Archives starred items immediately, with no refresh required.
- No longer affects the performance of iTunes backups.
- Pages archived for offline browsing no longer displace feed content.


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